Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Injuries and Setbacks.....

Well, here it is close to the end of June, and my season has been one to forget. Going into 2014 I had high expectations of having a fast Boston Marathon that would lead into a great tri season. Instead, the injury bug got me in February, and really hasn't let up.

It all began with a slight calf issue that developed on a longer treadmill run due to crappy winter weather. About ten days off seemed to alleviate the calf issue, but just a few weeks later I developed some IT Band pain on a long run on the Boston course. Several years ago I had a slight IT Band issue, but it resolved itself and hasn't returned since. However, this injury was here to stay. Going into Boston I was severely undertrained and was receiving Graston and ART twice a week. I even ended up getting a cortisone shot a week before the race.

I was also doing strengthening exercises for my hips and glutes, but nothing really seemed to help. I was able get a bit farther than expected without the knee pain associated with IT Band issues setting in. As a result, I ended up walking the last 9 miles, not wanting to drop out. My time of 4:38 was quite pathetic. I had been hoping for a 2:50-2:55 time based on results from last year, but it wasn't to be.

After Boston we headed off for five days in Bermuda, where I took it very easy, just swimming and getting in a nice mountain bike ride. Under Steve's guidance, I took off four weeks from running, then began to ease back into it slowly. However, after about ten days I got the pre-pain feeling on my IT Band. Thereafter followed another three weeks without running, where I ramped up my biking and swimming. I slowly began running again about two weeks ago, but only 15-20 minute runs, and still no pain - yeah!!!!

My first tri of the season, Patriot HIM, became an aqua bike. However, ten days prior to the race I came down with a nasty sinus infection and what may be allergies. I was prescribed Benadryl, Amoxicillin, Zyrtec, Flonase, and Sudafed. Quite the assortment of pills! I wasn't able to swim for that period leading into the race, and it showed. I had a crappy 36 min swim and jumped on my bike, looking forward to a 56 mile TT. I was doing well, averaging a bit over 25 mph when I got a rear flat around mile 27.5. I fixed it quickly, but only four miles later got another rear flat. It turns out my rear tire was rubbing on my chainstay and the sidwall of the tire was worn to the tube. Dejected, I began trudging back to transition and was luckily picked up by the bike support truck.

That leads into where I am currently, ten days post DNF. We are headed off for a two week trip to England, Scotland and Iceland in two days. I hope to increase my run volume while away and also hope fo find some pools to swim in. What I'm most excited about is seeing the TDF, which is starting in England this year.

I'm hoping that the trip will be a turning point, and I'll be able to attack the second half of my 2014 season, starting with a weekend double on Nantucket in mid July. After that it's Timberman 70.3 in August, then 70.3 WC three weeks later. I really hope that I have my run legs back by September and am able to place reasonably well in my AG.

Things won't be that easy training wise, as we are selling our house and closing on a new house at the end of July. We'll be moving in with the in-laws for a short time while some work is done on our new home. Hopefully, it'll be a reasonably short stay and the work on our new house gets done without any major issues.!!!

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