Saturday, December 10, 2011

Official Training Starts Tomorrow!

It’s now been six weeks since I finished Beach2Battleship, my first iron-distance race, at the end of October. While my legs have felt great for the past four weeks, my heart rate is finally beginning to return to normal ranges again, a sign that I’m pretty much fully recovered.

My base training is now complete, with a 6 mile run with Katie this morning. This final base week was right at 50 miles, and the one harder run of the week was on Thursday – 8 miles at an average pace of 6:50. Right after the run Katie and I headed into Boston for a night on the town – a nice dinner and The Nutcracker. It was a nice reward for relatively tough workout.

On Saturday of last weekend I attended the first run of the Marathon Coalition. The Marathon Coalition is comprised of ten education related non-profits that are running in the marathon. In all, there are 133 runners in the Coalition. Our coach, Rick Muhr, is very knowledgeable and is a former 2:33 marathoner. He’ll be a great resource over the next several months. I won’t be able to attend the weekly run this week, but I’m looking forward to hopefully doing 1-2 runs with the Coalition each month. We’ll be culminating with a 21 mile run that starts in Hopkinton and finishes atop Heartbreak Hill about three weeks out from marathon Monday.

The fundraising page is still not up on the Museum of Science website, but the hope is that it will be up soon. When that happens my plan is to send out some correspondence to begin my fundraising.

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