Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

I hope that everyone has a great holiday season! Christmas has come and gone, and Katie and I are greatly enjoying our vacation week. My parents and grandmother had Christmas at our house, which was great. My parents' dog even got along with our two cats!

Last weekend I raced in a local 5k, finishing 37th out of a little over 5,500 runners. My time (18:32) was 17 seconds off my PR, but the course was a bit hilly and temps were only in the low 20's, so it wasn't ideal for a fast time. I was also getting over a little cold. Considering the circumstances, I was pretty pleased with how I did.

Training is going well, and there have been no setbacks. Last week I ran 58 miles and this week should be right at 60 miles. My long run of the week was 16 miles on Monday, the day after Christmas. I ran 8 miles at marathon pace and then finished with one mile at half marathon pace.

This morning I ran 13 miles, and I felt great. I love having no snow on the ground, as I don't have to negotiate snow banks yet. While I'd love to have snow for skiing, I'm quite content with it snowing just a bit further north of us and leaving the roads nice and clear around home.

Katie and I are heading to New Hampshire for the next few days. Hopefully there will be a bit of snow for us to do some cross-country skiing on. Downhill doesn't look very promising, as most mountains only have a handful of trails open, and snow conditions are far from ideal.

Happy New Year in advance to all!!!

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