Monday, July 8, 2013

Island Training

Katie, Jackson, and I have spent the past eight days with my parents on Nantucket Island, where I grew up. It's been great to be back and have some time to train. Coach Steve began my last build to IMMT two weeks ago, and I got in some solid training while on the island.

I got in the following volume while visiting my folks:
Swim: 16,300 yards
Bike: 270 miles
Run: 49.7 miles

Nantucket is only about 15x5 miles, so the biking was quite limited. I just ended up doing lots of loops on the eastern end of the island. The pool I swam at is part of the high school that I went to. I remember when the high school was brand new, but now it's around 25 years old - funny how the time goes by so quickly! For running, I was able to do some trail and dirt road running and also get some longer runs in on the extensive network of bike trails on the island. 

Katie and I also had the chance to go out to a nice dinner at a new restaurant called Company of the Cauldron, celebrating our 9-year anniversary a few days early. We were able to overlap with my brother and his wife for a day when we arrived, which was nice. Jon lives in SF, and I only get to see him a few times a year. It was also the first time that Jackson was able to meet his Aunt Marissa.

I now have six weeks left until IMMT, which probably means four more weeks of higher volume, and then a taper into the race. I've been feeling a bit beat this past week, but I attribute part of that to the crazy high humidity on Nantucket. The temps weren't that extreme (high around 80), but the humidity never got below 90%, which led to some very wet rides and runs. I'm looking forward to some more solid training and also quality time with Katie and Jackson over the remainder of the summer.

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