Friday, August 23, 2013

Moving Forward and Heading to Ontario

With a few more days post race I got what I considered a crazy idea in my head. I had been looking on the IM website, and saw that Muskoka 70.3 was still open, had 100 70.3 WC slots, and was relatively drivable. I posed this possibility to Katie, knowing that it was far from ideal. After a discussion, we came to the conclusion that this race would help me feel better about my IMMT result, and give me a shot at securing a 70.3 WC slot for 2014, a full year away. In doing this, I would be able to get by with minimal training for most of the school year, spending a lot more time with Katie and Jackson, and not do a spring HIM.

So, two weeks from today I will be hitting the road to drive around 680 miles to race a HIM, then turn around and drive back home. The Muskoka course is challenging, especially the bike, which is a little long at 94 KM, and includes quite a lot of climbing. However, I feel that I can use my IM fitness to have a good enough result to grab a World Championship slot. I already feel pretty recovered, but know I'm not back at full strength. If anything, not pushing and digging deep on the run at IMMT may help out in two weeks time. If all goes well, I'll be heading back to Tremblant in just over a year to try vindicating my poor IM performance there.

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